Continuing the legacy of justice in St. Charles

The Institute is located in the city of St. Charles, Illinois, a quaint town approximately 40 miles directly west from the city of Chicago, along the banks of the Fox River. While it may appear to be a quiet suburban community, St. Charles has a rich legacy of fighting for justice and resisting oppression.

In the mid-1800s, St. Charles was a key “station” along the many routes of the Underground Railroad which brought safe passage to countless slaves seeking a new life of freedom, hope, and prosperity.  Many of the citizens of St. Charles fought for the rights of oppressed African Americans looking for freedom and opportunity during a time of great trial and conflict in the history of America.  

It is out of this same spirit of rescue and fight for the aspirations of freedom and justice for persecuted Christians that The St. Charles Institute has been birthed. We count it a joy to be a part of the continued legacy of hope that this small community has cultivated over the years.