#DoSomethingFriday | December 13 Edition

Today marks our second edition of #DoSomethingFriday.  Regular readers of this blog will recall that #DoSomethingFriday is designed to move us from feelings of  hopelessness and despair, to a place where we are empowered by actively seeking to help persecuted Christians.  The more steps we take to help victims of anti-Christian violence and persecution, the more we will begin to see real change on the ground.

Last week's action step focused on a young woman named Asia Bibi, who desperately needs our prayers and God's rescue after having been accused and found guilty of blasphemy.  After 4 years, she remains in a Pakistani jail, awaiting rescue - or death.

For today's #DoSomethingFriday, we turn our attention to a US Congressman who for years has leveraged the power of his office to promote religious freedom and human rights abroad.  Rep. Frank Wolf, of Virginia, has represented the 10th District of Virginia for over 32 years.  During this time, Rep. Wolf has been a champion for the rights of Christians and other religious minorities to practice and proclaim their faith freely, openly, and without the threat of persecution and violence.

Sometime, we don't say thank you enough to individuals like Rep. Wolf, especially in light of the fact that many in government seem comfortable simply ignoring that tragedy of Christian persecution altogether.  And we know that gratitude is a powerful motivator to do more good.

So, for today's #DoSomethingFriday, please contact Mr. Wolf to express your gratitude for the great work he continues to do on behalf of persecuted Christians.  Let him know how concerned you are for individuals that are enduring such persecution, and how grateful you are to him for using the influence and power of his office to right these wrongs and to help change the situation on the ground.

Here's how you can reach Rep. Wolf:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepFrankWolf

Twitter: @repwolfpress

Email: if you live inside of Virginia's 10th District, you can contact Rep. Wolf here

Finally, after you've written Rep. Wolf, please pray for him, and for other leaders and policy makers in both the United States and abroad, who are using their office to promote religious freedom and human rights.  Pray for God's favor and blessing to be upon their work, and that as a result, many might be free to search for, know, and worship God, freely, openly and without restriction.