#DoSomethingFriday | Working Towards a Theological Understanding of Religious Freedom, Part 1 | Dignitatis Humanae

Over the next couple of weeks, The St. Charles Institute will be highlighting a few key documents from a number of sources that have helped to formulate our understanding of religious freedom and human rights.  While these expressions will come from a variety of Christian denominations and traditions, it's important that we seek to understand why, from a theological perspective, religious freedom matters, especially in the context of today's environment where so many are persecuted for their Christian faith.

"Dignitatis Humanae" is the Second Vatican Council's Declaration on Religious Freedom and is the first in this series of suggested readings of The Institute.  The declaration highlights natural order, the nature of man and divine revelation as essential elements that mandate the Christian's pursuit of religious freedom, and shows how it is an inherent fundamental human right that must be advocated for and defended. 

At stake are issues of human dignity, justice, and man's search for ultimate truth.

For today's #DoSomethingFriday, please join The Institute in reading "Dignitatis Humanae.