Christmas Day attack in Baghdad targets Christians

While many Christians throughout the world celebrated the birth of The Prince of Peace today, Christians in Iraq were targeted for murder by Islamic militants.

According to a CNN report, a Christmas Day attack by jihadists in Baghdad killed at least 38.  A single car bomb went off in Baghdad near a church in the suburb of Dora, where Christians have increasingly been targets of violence and persecution.  Twenty-seven people were killed in the attack.  Another bomb went off in a market in the predominantly Christian neighborhood of Athorien, killing 11.  Both attacks saw many dozens more wounded.

As we close our Christmas celebrations and turn our attention to a new year, let us remember the words of the Christmas Hymn, O Holy Night: "His law is love, and his gospel is peace."

Please join the Institute in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq who are targets of violence and persecution.  May God's law defined by love, and His gospel that is peace increase in the nation of Iraq.  

May He draw near to those who have lost loved ones at this time, and his Spirit of comfort be upon the Christian community in Iraq.