#DoSomethingFriday | December 6, 2013 Edition

If we're honest, there are times in the course of our work that we at the Institute find ourselves overwhelmed and discouraged by the challenges facing victims of anti-Christian violence and persecution.  Things can seem so hopeless, so discouraging, so bleak.  Many times we find ourselves saying, "If only we could just do something."

Well, I've been thinking... we all CAN do something.  In fact, we SHOULD do something.  Advocating for the rights of Christians to proclaim and profess Christ is good, and right, and just.

Now granted, progress is slow, and sometimes, things get worse for Christians, not better.  But we must remember, this is a long-term endeavor.  Equal rights for Christians will not happen overnight.  Just as Rome was not built in a day,  neither will Christians in parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia be viewed as equals.  A major first step in this fight is to start.  We must do something.

Every Friday for the next three months, we are introducing "Do Something Fridays." With each "Do Something Friday," we are going to prompt you with an opportunity to do one thing to help change the situation on the ground for victims of anti-Christian violence.  Sometimes, this thing will be as simple as a click.  Other times, it may be more involved.  Whatever it is, it will be ONE thing, and I suspect that nearly everyone reading this article can do it.

For today's "Do Something Friday," the Institute is asking you to join us by purchasing reading a book for a Pakistani believer named Asia Bibi. For over four years now, this simple, young Christian woman has wasted away in a damp and dingy Pakistani jail. Despite her claims of innocence and severe problems with the case against her, Asia Bibi was accused and found guilty of the crime of blasphemy.  In Pakistan this crime is punished by death.

Asia's sorrowful story has been detailed in the book Blasphemy: A Memoir: Sentenced to Death Over a Cup of Water. Written with French journalist Anne Isabelle Tollet, it’s a must-read for every Christian seeking to understand the very personal, harsh realities facing persecuted Christians around the world. Royalties from books purchased go to support Asia’s family.

So that's it.  Buy and read one book.  You will be supporting Asia Bibi, her precious family, and helping to alert people everywhere that anti-Christian persecution must not stand.  And when you're finished, please join the Institute in prayer to ask God to bring Asia rescue and release from prison.  Ask Him to comfort Asia's husband and children from the sorrows that come with missing their mother.  Ask Him to change the hearts and minds of those in Pakistan who support her imprisonment, and to bring safety and protection for Christians throughout Pakistan. 

Thanks for joining me in Do Something Friday.  Let's believe and trust that God will hear our prayers and will "do something!"