The Stefanus Alliance: Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone // #DoSomethingFriday, January 17, 2014 Edition

The Stefanus Alliance is a Christian ministry and human rights agency based in Norway focused on the defense of freedom of religion and belief.  In 2012, The Alliance compiled a terrific booklet entitled Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone.  The piece helps to explain the reasons why religious freedom is important, what religious freedom or belief is, and how religious freedom or belief is abused.  It provides a list of international governing documents that define religious liberty in international politics and world affairs, and provides some definitions of the core values that are essential for the protection of religious freedom or belief.

As we develop our understanding of the "whys, whats and hows" of religious freedom, we will enhance our ability to both recognize and defend religious freedom against abuse.  Freedom of religion or belief has a long history of being challenged, attacked, and denied, sometimes by well-intentioned groups, and we must recognize, define, and condemn its abuse whenever we see it.

For today's #DoSomethingFriday, please join The Institute in reading "Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone" from The Stefanus Alliance.  As you read, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why is religious freedom so important?
  • Where do you see legitimate denials of religious freedom or belief in our world today? In these settings, what are some of the reasons why religious belief is threatening to states or individuals?
  • What can you do to defend or promote religious freedom in the world today?