Coptic Christians in Libya murdered

On Sunday, February 24, seven Coptic Christians living in Libya were found murdered, execution style, in a suburb of Benghazi.  According to reports, militants broke into a building housing Egyptian workers with the specific intent of identifying and harming Christians.  Reuters journalist Feras Bosalum details the harrowing specifics of their murder (CAUTION: this report contains graphic details and photos of the murder scene):

“The victims were stonemasons of modest means, like the vast majority of Egyptians who come to work in Libya. According to several fellow Copts, masked militiamen broke into several houses being rented by Coptic and Muslim workers. They asked them questions about Islam and checked to see whether they had crosses tattooed on their forearms [as many Copts do]. They abducted seven workers, several of whom were from the same family. Several hours later, their corpses were found in an abandoned field outside the city.”

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for the thousands of Egyptian Coptic Christians living and working in Libya.  Pray for God’s divine protection over them, their families, and communities.  Pray for favor in the sight of their neighbors.
  • Pray that militant Islamists that currently find safe-haven in Libya, and more specifically, the city of Benghazi, would have their plans and objectives disrupted.  Pray for city leaders who are attempting to fight these crimes, that they would find success in rooting out radical Islamists.
  • Pray that God, in His mercy, might bring His peace to this violent city.